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ActionComplete helps people around the world become purposeful, effective, and successful in career, relationships, and other aspects of life.

The hallmark of ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is its streamlined yet flexible and sophisticated task management approach that enables people of all walks of life to take a firm grip on their tasks, assignments, errands, and to-dos and put a stop to leaks through the cracks.

ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is designed to stay close to the vision of the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. ActionComplete does not claim to be a "full implementation" of GTD. Rather, it takes its key elements and leverages them in an efficient and easy to use way.

All ActionComplete products are engineered in-house. We know what every line of code does and why it is there. Our artisan manufacturing process allows us to continuously improve our products and be absolutely confident in their utmost quality.

We take pride in our unparalleled customer support. Whether you are evaluating an ActionComplete product, have just purchased one, or are a long-time ActionComplete user, you are equally important to us.

We do not use recurring subscriptions. It's our view that you should be in full control of the charges applied to your credit card. We do keep your data - for up to a year - when you forget to renew your subscription in the flux of life. And when you remember and do renew, the lapse time is on us.

On this site you will learn about ActionComplete GTD Toolkit. Remember that your feedback is important to us. Get engaged and tell us what you think - you have a vote in shaping the future of ActionComplete!

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ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS: Early Access Program is Open!

We are excited to announce the opening of the early access program for ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS!

ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS is the evolution of ActionComplete on Apple devices. This new major version of the product offers quite a few new features and sports a brand new user experience.

Early access program is a way to try the product before it becomes generally available via the App Store. It's intended for avid users who want to have a sneak peek at the product and give us feedback on usability and stability.

As this is a preliminary release, there's a potential for bugs and usability issues. As such, you should not use it for anything that you'll regret losing.

The early access version is avialable via Apple's TestFlight app that you can install from the App Store.

To enroll in the early access program, please send an email to and advise us the email address that we should use to invite you.

ActionComplete 4.4.3 for Web Streamlines License Purchasing

We are happy to announce that the procedure of purchasing AC for Web access license has been greatly simplified!

Thanks to the technology provided by the leading online payment processor stripe, ActionComplete now allows you to acquire one-year AC for Web access license with your credit card safely and securely.

Stripe's advanced tech let us seamlessly integrate the payments in the license purchase flow without even seeing your credit card information. AC for Web license purchase and renewal process is now fully automated and no longer requires any interaction with ActionComplete support personnel.

We hope you'll enjoy the new license purchase experience.

As always, you can use AC for Web for 7 days for free to get a feel of what it's like:

ActionComplete 3.9 for Android Adds Next Actions

Do you run many projects at the same time?

Were you ever taken aback by the myriad of tasks jumping at you off the screen?

Have you ever wished of being able to just cut through the clutter and see what you really need to focus on?

ActionComplete to the rescue! Show Next Actions Only filter setting introduced in ActionComplete 3.9 for Android will make your task management life less stressful and more productive.

The setting, which can be found at the bottom of the Filters screen and is off by default, works together with the task sorting feature. When checked, it tells ActionComplete to show just the first action for every project according to the current sort order.

To get the full benefit of the new feature, you need to decide on a task sequencing strategy within projects.

You could choose to sequence your project tasks by starting their names with a cardinal number, for instance, "01 Start here" and sort your tasks by name. Alternatively you could assign your project tasks due dates and sort by urgency. Yet another viable strategy that works great for small projects is sequencing your project tasks by importance.

Please install or update your ActionComplete for Android at Google Play.

ActionComplete 3.8 for Android Puts Stress on Tagging

Tags are your friends. They let you see your tasks in meaningful ways. They are a tremendous help during planning and review. They are the skeleton of your task system.

That's why ActionComplete 3.8 for Android introduces another tool to help you enforce the discipline of tagging - a Warn if no Metadata setting.

The setting, which is off by default, allows you to have ActionComplete check if there are tags, or places, linked to the task you are about to save. If not, you'll be warned right away. If you feel strongly about it, you can ignore the warning and save the task tag-less anyway.

If tagging is not your thing (and we hope it is!), you can keep the setting at its default No value and ActionComplete will stay out of your way.

Install or update your ActionComplete for Android at Google Play.

Happy tagging!

ActionComplete 3.7 for Android Makes Tagging Your Tasks Easier

If you have a lot of tags and places and tagging your tasks feels like a chore, this is an update for you! With ActionComplete 3.7 for Android attaching tags and places to tasks got even easier than it used to be.

Select Tags/Places screen is now equipped with a search box that allows you to quickly narrow down the scope of your search by typing just a letter or two. As you type, the tag/place list shrinks to show you just the items that have those letters in their names!

For your convenience, tags and places that are already selected always stay at the top of the list and are not affected by the filter.

Install or update your ActionComplete for Android at Google Play.

Happy tagging!

ActionComplete 4.4 for Web Enhances Integration with Google Services

We start year 2015 with a new release of ActionComplete for Web!

ActionComplete 4.4 for Web improves the integration with Google services in several useful ways.

The 300 character restriction on the task notes is gone. The new Smart Attachments feature of ActionComplete will detect a long note that you typed or pasted in the new/edit task form and automatically convert it to a Google Docs attachment. You can find ActionComplete Attachments in your Google Drive in the folder named... ActionComplete Attachments!

Tasks with attachments are now marked with an asterisk (*) similar to tasks with notes.

Now you can have ActionComplete display public and built-in calendars such as Holidays in the United States and Birthdays along with your personal calendars. Just click Tools/Options... and make your selections in the Calendars area.

Use this link to access AC for Web:

We wish you a happy and productive year!

Holiday Discount: $5 off ActionComplete for Web Through the End of the Year

We are happy to announce a holiday discount for our flagship product: ActionComplete for Web!

Before January 1, 2015 you can buy a once-year access license for ActionComplete for Web for $14.99. That's $5 off the regular price of $19.99.

If you purchase via PayPal, the discount is applied automatically. If you purchase via Amazon Payments, we'll issue you a $5 refund when we process the payment.

If your license is not expired but you want to take advantage of the offer, please navigate to this URL:

Happy Holidays!

Old (Paid) ActionComplete for Android End of Life Announcement

Last year we reimagined ActionComplete for Android. We started from the blank screen and rebuilt the app based on 4+ years of our Android experience and your feedback. The result of this substantial effort is the beautiful and free ActionComplete 3 for Android.

The decision came at a cost. We could not keep the app backwards-compatible and we had to increase the minimum supported Android version to 4.0.3. That's how the old (paid) version of ActionComplete for Android bit the dust.

What does it mean to you?

If you don't own the paid version of ActionComplete for Android, you can stop here. Otherwise, please read on.

First and foremost, you paid for the app and it's yours to keep. Bear in mind though that it's no longer available on the Play Store so if you delete it or get a new Android device there won't be a way to get it back.

While you keep the app on your device it'll work in standalone mode indefinitely. The sync between the old (paid) version of ActionComplete for Android and AC for Web will cease working after June 30, 2014.

If you use the sync with AC for Web, your device runs Android version lower than 4.0.3, is not ugradeable, and you do not plan to get a new Android device any time soon, please consider alternative task management solutions.

If you plan to continue using ActionComplete in the long term, we recommend that you migrate to the new free ActionComplete 3 for Android.

We also remind you that as an owner of the terminated paid version of ActionComplete for Android you can get up to $4.99 credit toward the purchase of AC for Web one-year access license. To get the credit in the amount of your purchase, please email your AC for Android purchase receipt to*.

* The credit can be applied to a new purchase only.