ActionComplete 2 Released, Brings GTD-based Task Management on Android and Web to a New High

ActionComplete family of productivity applications based on David Allen's GTD methodology just grew larger with the addition of ActionComplete Pro for Android - a commercial version of the popular ActionComplete application for Android phones.

At the same time the free version of ActionComplete for Android has been overhauled and both commercial and free web versions of ActionComplete have received major updates.

At the core of ActionComplete is management of four types of tasks: Actions (next actions in GTD parlance), Waits (Waiting for), Projects, and Ideas (Someday/Maybe).

The tasks can be assigned three types of metadata: tags, people, and places. Together the metadata form a context that can be easily filtered upon.

People are Google Contacts and the contact record linked to a task can be readily accessed right from ActionComplete applications for Android phones.

Places in ActionComplete allow to attach location context to the tasks. Vicinity view available in ActionComplete applications for Android shows the tasks that can be done nearby and suggests geographical features with names similar to ActionComplete place names. E.g. if there are tasks linked to places "WalMart" and "Starbucks" the Vicinity view will show all nearby WalMarts and Starbucks. From there one can view the Google map of a particular location and use a wide array of functions provided by Google Maps such as GPS-based navigation and user reviews.

ActionComplete web apps are rich Internet applications. They provide sophisticated user interface characteristic of desktop applications while being available via a browser from any Internet-connected computer, notebook, netbook, or tablet.

ActionComplete 2 web applications sport a menu-based user interface and add a number of new features such as export/import to/from comma-separated values (CSV) files and export to printer-friendly HTML format that can be used for printing and reports.

The free version of ActionComplete for Web supports the core functionality of ActionComplete. The commercial version of ActionComplete for Web, known as ActionComplete Pro for Web, adds a few essential elements. It's ad-free and all-HTTPS for better web traffic security. The commercial version has the integrated view of Google Calendar for better visibility of the "hard landscape", which is a GTD term for tasks that should be done at a particular day or time of the day. Also specific to the paid version are 2-column dashboard layout and export to printer-friendly HTML. ActionComplete Pro for Web runs $19.99/year.

ActionComplete applications for Android provide ActionComplete functionality on the go. They leverage a number of smartphone hardware features, such as location awareness and voice input, to enrich the users experience and provide unique application features.

The Vicinity view described above is available in both free and paid versions of ActionComplete for Android.

In addition to that ActionComplete Pro for Android supports voice entry for tasks. ActionComplete not only allows one to say the task name. It also understands places, due dates, and reminder times. E.g. saying "paper towels at walmart or target" will produce a task "paper towels" and link it to places "walmart" and "target" creating them as needed. One can also say something like "call john on March 5 at 1430". That will create a task "call john", assign it due date of March 5, and create a reminder on March 5 at 2:30PM.

ActionComplete Pro for Android comes with a configurable widget that can be setup to show Actions, Waits, Projects, or Ideas. The widget allows the same operations as the main application right from the phone home screen.

ActionComplete Pro is ad-free and costs $4.99. It's available at Android Market.

ActionComplete for Android is available at Android Market at no charge.

Both ActionComplete Android applications can seamlessly synchronize with both ActionComplete web applications so a user can choose a combination of free and/or paid application on their phone and the web that works best for him or her.

About ActionComplete LLC
ActionComplete LLC develops and markets ActionComplete suite of GTD-based productivity applications for Android smartphones and the web. ActionComplete LLC is based in Centreville, VA.