ActionComplete 3.3 Brings Compatibility with Samsung Android Phones

ActionComplete 3.3.0 is released and available for installation from Android Market. The focus of release 3.3 is availability on a wider range of Android phones and broader support for international users. To accommodate requests of AC users who is still on Android 1.5 this release remains compatible with Android 1.5 OS. This is the last release of ActionComplete for Android 1.5. The next release will require Android 1.6 or higher. New in AC 3.3:

  • Compatibility with Samsung Android phones
  • French localization courtesy of Kac Saik
  • Czech localization courtesy of Jan Vince
  • Item importance can now be changed in view mode
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements all over the application, Places area has been significantly improved

It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.