ActionComplete 3.1 and AC Inbox 1.1: Another Step Towards Higher Productivity

ActionComplete 3.1.0 and AC Inbox 1.1.0 are released and available for installation from Android Market. The applications are released in tandem to ensure seamless two-way integration. New in AC 3.1:

  • Due dates - any item can be assigned a due date
  • A number of options to filter on due dates - including Due today, Due within 3 days, Due within 1 week, Due within 2 weeks, and Due within 30 days
  • Urgency-related sorts are now based on due dates rather than reminders
  • Landscape mode usability improvements and optimizations - no application title bar, shorter tabs, toolbar on either left or right side of the screen (configurable)
  • Integration with AC Inbox 1.1
  • Visual feedback on tapping a list item
  • Add Action/Wait now inherits project importance setting
  • Default weight is now configurable and goes off of 50
  • Tapping a person on a details screen brings up Person Details screen - use long tap to view person details
  • Actions/Waits section of Project Details screen now shows item counts and is consistent with Tag/Place Details screens
  • Time is now displayed in the format selected on the phone via Settings/Date and Time - European users can enjoy 24-hour clock format
  • Map mode is now configurable via a preference Both "map" and "satellite" modes are supported
  • Bug fixes

New in AC Inbox 1.1:

  • Titles take place of notes
  • Text notes have an additional "notes" field to store the body of the note
  • "Title" is imported as "name" into AC - for text notes, "notes" field is imported into AC as "notes"

Upgrade notes:

  • It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.
  • Although various compatibility scenarios were extensively tested, it's recommended that you process your AC Inbox notes before upgrading AC Inbox.
  • To achieve the best experience, you are strongly recommended to upgrade both ActionComplete and AC Inbox at the same time.
  • There is no strong dependency between ActionComplete and AC Inbox, and the applications can be upgraded in any order.