ActionComplete 1.2.0 Released

Features and improvements in this release:

  • Quick access bar Menu options are now accessible via iPhone-like on-screen menus. This feature is controlled by "Show toolbars" preference, enabled by default, and can be disabled if needed.
  • Active links Web addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers are automatically converted to clickable links.
  • Autocomplete in filters in landscape orientation When a filter dialog is accessed in landscape orientation the filter value selection is assisted by autocomplete - a handy feature when dealing with very long contact lists.
  • Configurable default item sort option Items (actions, waits, projects, and pending projects) now can be sorted by either urgency or name by default. The corresponding preference is "Default sort by urgency (by name if unchecked)".

ActionComplete is a GTD-inspired task manager and todo/shopping/grocery list organizer built with meticulous attention to detail. Your opinion counts. Please share your thoughts at ActionComplete Google group or Facebook AC page. Or just drop a line to support.