ActionComplete 1.1.0 Released, Features Reminders

ActionComplete 1.1.0 is out. The focus of this release is reminders and related functionality.

Now you can set a reminder for any ActionComplete item (action, wait, project, or pending project). The reminder can be set either from a details screen or from a new/edit form.

The main list view now shows an alarm clock icon near every item that has a reminder set on it. If you tap the alarm clock icon, the reminder date and time is displayed in the lower part of the screen for a short time.

Most urgent first and Least urgent first sort options are added to all the lists, Most urgent first being made the default sort option. These sort options are based on reminder dates and times.

When a reminder time is approached, a "You've got things to do" message appears in the notification bar of the phone for a short time and the phone emits three short buzzes. You can swipe the notification bar open and tap on the AC notification item to get to ActionComplete reminder management screen.

The reminder management screen accessible from the notification area allows you to "snooze" (reschedule) past reminders or "dismiss" (delete) them by choosing "Don't remind again" option. Tapping an item name in the reminder management screen displays the details of the item.

The upgrade preserves all the user data and should be considered safe. For further protection please backup all your data just before and immediately after the upgrade.