ActionComplete for Android Becomes Even More Psychic, Uses NFC for HoverOver(TM) Touch-free Task Entry

ActionComplete for Android has been long known for easy and diverse ways of collecting your thoughts and ideas and dumping them into a trusted system, which it is. You can enter tasks by voice or touch via the application, the widgets, and quite a few homescreen shortcuts.

It has long been our understanding that in certain circumstances the touch-based task entry is cumbersome and sometimes even illegal (e.g. while driving) and the voice entry doesn't work well in a noisy environment such as a restaurant.

Enter ActionComplete HoverOver(TM) task entry. After many months of a dedicated effort we built a proprietary NFC-based brain scanning technology that reads your mind and converts your thoughts into ActionComplete tasks. If you use ActionComplete for Web, the tasks entered via HoverOver automatically appear in the cloud.

How it works

The HoverOver feature only works on Android devices equipped with NFC hardware and running Android version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) or later.

Before entering a task via HoverOver method please make sure your NFC sensor is turned on.

  1. Tap ActionComplete HoverOver homescreen shortcut.
  2. In your mind, focus on the idea you want to get captured. Keep your eyes open, especially while driving.
  3. Hover your phone over your head for up to 5 seconds. After a short pause you should hear your idea read back to you as the confirmation of a successful entry. For better results you might want to move the phone over your head in a circular motion shortly pausing in temple areas. For techies the left temple area usually works best. If you are a creative person the right temple might yeild the best results.

HoverOver(TM) task entry feature is currently in the final testing stage. We need your help to ensure it's as robust as the rest of the application. If you are interested in having an early look at the feature and helping us squish the last bugs, please shoot an email to ActionComplete support and we'll send you a special release of ActionComplete along with the instructions on how to install it.