ActionComplete 3 for Android Raises the Bar for GTD-based Personal Productivity Applications

ActionComplete LLC announces the release of the third generation ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Android. The app was built from the ground up to embrace the modern design and rich functionality of the fast-paced Android platform. Our in-house engineering team paid attention to every little detail to ensure the utmost stability and top performance of the app.

About ActionComplete 3 for Android

The centerpiece of ActionComplete 3 for Android is the All Tasks view. It's the best view for planning and analysis. From there, a user can slice and dice their task realm with filters, get the best view of the tasks with a number of sort options, search for tasks, and add tasks.

Stepping back from All Tasks view (with Android Back button) reveals the Home screen containing a number of useful options that include several convenience tasks lists.

Important Tasks list shows only the most important tasks (task importance set to Critical), Urgent Tasks list shows past due and due today tasks only, Reminders list shows tasks with reminders in the past.

A user can browse their tasks via the Tags and Places screens. As these views always display completed tasks, they are convenient for taking a historical look at a slice of the user's task realm.

The most efficient way of adding and completing tasks in ActionComplete is via app widgets. Add Task widget enables one-touch access to New Task screen, while Important Tasks, Urgent Tasks, and Reminders widgets facilitate task completion.

To let more users enter its simple and powerful task management universe, ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Android has shed its price tag and can now be installed free of charge.

The owners of the old paid version of ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Android can get a credit toward a purchase of ActionComplete for Web one-year access license in the amount of their original ActionComplete for Android purchase price.

To claim the credit an owner of the now obsolete paid version of ActionComplete for Android needs to email their purchase receipt to ActionComplete support.

About ActionComplete GTD Toolkit

ActionComplete allows a user to manage four types of tasks: Actions (next actions in GTD speak), Waits (Waiting for), Projects, and Ideas (Someday/Maybe).

The tasks can be assigned two types of metadata: tags and places.

The user can assign a due date to any task. Tasks due today and overdue tasks appear in green and red, respectively, so that the user can spot them easily.

Task panels are color-coded according to their importance for easy visual identification.

The user can leverage reminders to setup audible and visual alerts at specified times.

ActionComplete enables the user to quickly get the best view of his or her tasks with the help of several filters and a number of sort options.

Projects can contain child actions and waits and allow the user to create additional structure in his or her task management framework. 

About Other ActionComplete Products

ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is also available on the web and on iPhone. ActionComplete applications can work independently as standalone apps or together to form a seamless cross-platform personal productivity solution.

ActionComplete for Web is a paid service with the regular annual license fee of $19.99. Before January 1, 2014 AC for Web one-year license can be purchased at $5 discount for $14.99.

For purchases via PayPal, the discount is applied automatically. For purchases via Amazon Payments, a $5 refund is issued for every purchase when it is processed.

ActionComplete for iPhone can be purchased from the App Store for a one-time fee of $4.99.

To learn more about ActionComplete GTD Toolkit, please visit 

About ActionComplete LLC

ActionComplete LLC develops and markets ActionComplete GTD Toolkit - a cross-platform personal task management application based on David Allen's GTD methodology.

ActionComplete LLC is based in Washington, DC metro area.