ActionComplete 3.1 for Web and ActionComplete 1.11 for Android Are Out

ActionComplete LLC announces a simultaneous release of ActionComplete for Web and ActionComplete for Android. This release introduces a number of features and enhancements inspired by the feedback from ActionComplete users.

New and Improved in AC for Web

Since ActionComplete 3 was released about six weeks ago we started getting the feedback asking to show projects in the New/Edit Action/Wait forms regardless of their weight and due date. ActionComplete 3.1 shows all the projects linked to the active tag and ignores other filters.

ActionComplete 3.1 introduces two convinience features that further streamline and simplify the user experience when emailing tasks to ActionComplete.

Email aliases allow a user to pick a username - or alias - to be used for emailing tasks to ActionComplete. Once the alias is selected, the user's ActionComplete email address becomes, e.g. for alias john the corresponding ActionComplete email address is

An email alias can be chosen in Options form accessible via Tools/Options... menu.

The newly-introduced Acknowledge incoming tasks option is summoned to make the users sure that their emailed tasks made it safely to ActionComplete. When the option is enabled, AC for Web will send an acknowledgement email every time it receives a task via the incoming email address.

New and Improved in AC for Android

Project spinner in New/Edit Action/Wait form now shows all the projects linked to the active tag and ignores other filters.

Russian translation is updated, courtesy of Alexander Sidorenko.

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