ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is Available on the App Store, Helps Users Get Things Done on the Go

ActionComplete LLC announces the immediate availability of a new product - ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for iPhone. ActionComplete GTD Toolkit is available on the App Store.

ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for iPhone brings what users come to expect from a great iPhone application. It’s fast, robust, and intuitive.

ActionComplete in-house development team carefully considered the capabilities of the most advanced Apple mobile platform (iOS 6) and skillfully leveraged them to deliver an intuitive and responsive user experience designed to minimize the time spent on task management and allow the user to focus on actually getting things done.

About the Concepts Used in ActionComplete GTD Toolkit

ActionComplete is based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. At the core of ActionComplete is management of four types of tasks: Actions (next actions in GTD parlance), Waits (Waiting for), Projects, and Ideas (Someday/Maybe).

The tasks can be assigned two types of metadata: tags and places. A user can easily apply a filter on either or both.

ActionComplete uses weight as a measure of task priority/importance and due date as a measure of task urgency. A user can filter and sort the tasks on both attributes.

A user can set a reminder for a task to get a visual and/or audible notification at the set date and time.

Users who like an even more structured task management approach can leverage projects and assign actions and waits to them.

A user can quickly view the most important tasks, the urgent tasks, and the tasks with past reminders. Alternatively they can drill through their tasks via Tags or Places.

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