AC for Web Pro Released, Features Visual Integration with Google Calendar, 2- and 4-column Layouts, Secure Communication

ActionCompete LLC announces immediate availability of AC for Web Pro - a commercial version of the popular task management solution for the followers of GTD methodology.

AC for Web Pro is an ad-free, SSL-enhanced rich Internet application featuring visual integration with your main Google Calendar. You can even add up to four additional calendars to get a compete outlook of your "hard landscape"!

In addition to the default 4-column layout AC for Web Pro supports 2-column layout that is great for devices with a low resolution screen such as netbooks and tablets. To enable the 2-column layout, navigate to Settings and set the value of Dashboard layout parameters to 2 columns.

To be able to sync AC for Web Pro with your Android phone you need the latest version (7) of ActionComplete freely available from Android Market.

The access to AC for Web Pro service is $19.99/year. You can purchase a one-year access license after you sign in to AC for Web Pro for the first time. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout.

Please watch the video below for an introduction in AC for Web Pro.