New Major Version of ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Web Delivers Significant Speed Boost, Features Fresh Beautiful Layout

For nearly four years ActionComplete GTD Toolkit has been helping people around the world become more effective.

The hallmark of ActionComplete is its streamlined yet flexible and sophisticated task management approach that enables people of all walks of life to take a firm grip on their tasks, assignments, errands, and to-dos and put a stop to leaks through the cracks.

ActionComplete LLC announces the release of the fourth major iteration of its flagship product - ActionComplete GTD Toolkit for Web. The release delivers a marked performance boost and a fresh user interface.

About ActionComplete 4 for Web

ActionComplete 4 for Web greets the user with a 3-column layout that hosts 4 task panels. The column hosting 2 task panels is user-selectable as is the order of task panels. The columns are fixed-width and full height to allow for simple and convenient task management and beautiful content presentation.

All the common usage scenarios such as task creation, completion, and manipulation have been optimized for speed. Depending on a particular usage scenario ActionComplete 4 performs 10-100 times faster than ActionComplete 3.

ActionComplete for Web is provided as a service with an annual license fee of $19.99. When a user first signs in to the application, he or she is issued a license that allows full access to the product for 7 days free of charge.

For a limited time, through February 28, one-year access license for ActionComplete for Web can be purchased for a discounted price of $14.99 ($5 off or 25% off). To claim the discount a user needs to purchase the license via Google Wallet and apply coupon code AC4WEB.

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