ActionComplete 3 for Web Released, Features Smart Layout (TM), Flexible Task Panel Display Options, Filtering Enhancements

ActionComplete LLC starts the year with a major release of its flagship product - ActionComplete for Web. The release delivers several major user experience improvements including Smart Layout (TM) technology, options to independently show and hide task panels, and several filtering enhancements.

Smart Layout (TM) technology makes sure you get the best view of your tasks for your setup. Smart Layout takes into consideration such factors as the screen or browser window size and the number of active task panels to present the information to you in the most meaningful way. On a high-resolution screen you will see your task panels arranged in a four-column layout and a view of your calendar whereas on a low-resolution netbook the task panels might be arranged in a two-column layout with the calendar panel suppressed.

You have the ultimate control over the dashboard layout via the Layout option (Tools/Options... menu) that allows you to select a particular number of columns as well as Auto option to enable the Smart Layout (TM) technology.

You might not need all four task panels at all times.

This release asserts the statement above by introducing independent view options for the four task panels (Actions, Waits, Projects, and Ideas). If you don't delegate your tasks you might want to turn the Waits panel off to make more room for other task panels. If you consider Ideas during a weekly review only, you can keep the Ideas panel hidden for the rest of the week.

Task panels can be switched on and off via View/Show Actions/Waits/Projects/Ideas menu options.

This release brings a number of additions and changes to the way ActionComplete uses filters. First of all, you can now filter on weight, which is the term used in ActionComplete to denote the importance, or priority, of a task. Being able to zoom in on the most important is a key in a successful productivity solution. With the addition of the weight filter it's easier than ever with ActionComplete.

While filtering on a project has been at the core of ActionComplete since day one, this release introduces a significant change - and simplification - in the semantics and application of a project filter. This change institutionalizes a key ActionComplete paradigm of always working within a context or a broad area of responsibility that is oftentimes represented by a tag.

Now the project filter is a secondary filter that applies within a wider context encompassed by the other - primary - filters. To deliver this new semantics the project filter is displayed on a separate toolbar by default and can be reset separately from the other filters. A project filter can be applied quickly by clicking the project summary line listing the counts of child tasks.

At the same time a new version of ActionComplete for Android - 1.9 - is released to Android Market. The new version of the Android application incorporates the same filtering enhancements as the web application.

For a limited time ActionComplete for Android can be purchased for $0.99 (80% off the regular price of $4.99).