ActionComplete 3.3 for Web Further Enhances Incoming Email Interface

ActionComplete 3.3 for Web is released and immediately accessible in your browser.

This release rounds out the email integration by adding a convenient way to specify a task weight and/or due date right when you email the task to ActionComplete.

´╗┐For assigning a weight you use the hashmark (#) and for a due date you use the @ character. You can combine a weight and a due date with tags and places.

When you assign a task a a due date ActionComplete automatically creates an email reminder for the task that goes off at 6 o’clock in the morning on the due date.

Here are a few examples of email subjects (whatever there is in the email body becomes a note or an attachment):

Buy flowers #personal #out and about @florist *idea #85 @2/14/12

Post the article @3/20/12 #99 *action @computer #work

Tags and places are no longer case-sensitive in the email interface, i.e. if you have out and about tag defined, you can refer to it as Out and About, out And about, oUT aND aBOUT, etc.

For more information on incoming email feature please refer to the Incoming Email section of the user manual.