ActionComplete for Web, a Rich Internet Application for GTD Enthusiasts, is Ready for Prime Time, Sheds Beta Tag

ActionComplete LLC announces the successful conclusion of public beta testing phase of its flagship product - online task management solution AC for Web.

After nearly five months of ongoing improvements, enhancements, and optimizations the application has reached the level of functionality, stability, and performance that meets or exceeds industry standards for general use.

A long-time ActionComplete user Ross says: "I've been with AC from close to the very beginning and watched it develop into the amazing resource (not app) that it is now. I think now is the time for us to really get with the AC Wave and say THANKS Borys for a brilliant, helpful, adaptable and yet approachable app."

ActionComplete is a streamlined task management solution for the practitioners of GTD methodology. ActionComplete applications deliver seamless and organic integration with Google services.

AC for Web is built to facilitate the management of four types of items: actions, waits, projects, and pending projects. Actions are tasks that can be accomplished directly. Waits are delegated tasks that need to be followed upon or events that are to happen. Projects describe anything that cannot be completed in a single step. Pending projects are ideas that need to be captured but are not ready to be acted upon at this time.

Every type of item can be assigned three types of metadata - tags, people, and places - to make sense of the task universe. In addition to that, due dates and weights can be used to represent the notions of urgency and importance, respectively.

The user interface of the application allows to easily view a particular slice of the task universe via five filters. Each of the four lists can be independently sorted for dynamic prioritization. The lists can be rearranged according to personal preferences via drag and drop. Item type can be changed by simply dragging it to a different list.

AC for Web is tightly integrated with Google services. A Google account is used for signing into the application. Google Contacts are ActionComplete People. Places can be created via the integration with Google Maps.

ActionComplete for Web provides a developer API based on open standards such as REST and OAuth. The API supports query and CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations and can be used to build a fully synchronized GTD solution on any technological platform.

The open API is leveraged by ActionComplete application for Android. Starting with version 5 AC for Android supports seamless 2-way sync with AC for Web.

The tandem of ActionComplete applications creates a unique task management solution for today's busy person - both at the computer and on the go.