AC for Web: Attaching Metadata to Your Incoming Emails

AC for Web has just been updated with a cool way of attaching metadata to your actions right when you email them in. As of now you can use a special syntax to ask ActionComplete to give a special treatment to parts of the email subject.

To link an action to an existing project type in an email subject like this:

My action: my existing project

The colon will tell ActionComplete to treat whatever follows it as a project name. A non-existing project will be ignored. Remember that AC for Web is case-sensitive and be mindful of your spelling.

To tag an action use the hash mark (#):

My action # personal, out and about

The email subject above will generate an action attached to two tags: personal and out and about. The comma (,) tells ActionComplete that multiple tags are present.

To assign an action to a person you use the exclamation point (!):

My action ! James Brown; Wilson, Judy

It's important to remember that the name separator is the semicolon (;). Comma (,) is used for names in Last Name, First Name notation.

The places are attached with the at sign (@):

My action @ Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market

Commas (,) separate individual places.

Naturally you can combine all of the above in any order and use as many or few spaces as you like:

My action : my existing project # personal, out and about ! James Brown; Wilson, Judy @ Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market

Have fun emailing your actions in and report all the issues to support.