ActionComplete 4.4 for Web Enhances Integration with Google Services

We start year 2015 with a new release of ActionComplete for Web!

ActionComplete 4.4 for Web improves the integration with Google services in several useful ways.

The 300 character restriction on the task notes is gone. The new Smart Attachments feature of ActionComplete will detect a long note that you typed or pasted in the new/edit task form and automatically convert it to a Google Docs attachment. You can find ActionComplete Attachments in your Google Drive in the folder named... ActionComplete Attachments!

Tasks with attachments are now marked with an asterisk (*) similar to tasks with notes.

Now you can have ActionComplete display public and built-in calendars such as Holidays in the United States and Birthdays along with your personal calendars. Just click Tools/Options... and make your selections in the Calendars area.

Use this link to access AC for Web:

We wish you a happy and productive year!