ActionComplete Tasks 5 for Android and iOS Released for Early Preview

We are pleased to announce the first early release of ActionComplete Tasks 5 personal productivity toolkit.

ActionComplete Tasks 5 - the fifth generation of ActionComplete productivity suite - is a result of rigorous work based on more than 10 years of our experience in the domain. The new product line was built from the ground up to ensure that:

  • Your tasks and key preferences are synced across all your Android and iOS devices seamlessly and instantly.
  • You can manage your tasks offline when Internet connection is not available or desirable.
  • You can use different task management paradigms including those that rely on multiple levels of nested tasks.
  • You can temporarily move less relevant tasks out of sight by snoozing them.
  • You can fully leverage the screen area of your device. AC Tasks 5 is a pleasure to work with on phones and tablets alike.

AC Tasks 5 follows our time-proven methodology derived from GTD. If you are a long-time ActionComplete user, you'll still find tasks familiarly organized by type (Actions, Projects, and Ideas).

Over the years we learned that the fourth original task type - Wait - is not used consistently. That prompted us to replace it with an area for snoozed tasks. The semantics of snoozing a task is akin to the way we handle delegated and deferred tasks, which was the main driver behind Wait task type. On top of that it opens up possibilities for quite a few new ways to manage your tasks. So RIP Waits, long live Snoozed!

As in previous versions of ActionComplete mobile applications, you have quick access to tasks in need of attention via Featured Tasks, Important Tasks, and Urgent Tasks lists as well as Find Tasks and Tags screens. All screens now share the same 4-tab layout.

You can download early preview of AC Tasks 5 for Android here.

Early preview of AC Tasks 5 for iOS is available here.

Please give 'em a try and let us know how it goes! We'll be waiting for your feedback at

We hope that all-new ActionComplete Tasks apps will make your life more productive and fulfilling, and ultimately more successful and enjoyable.

Happy New Year 2020 from team ActionComplete!