ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS is Available on the App Store

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS on the App Store!

ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS is the evolution of ActionComplete on Apple devices. This new major version of the product offers quite a few new features and sports a brand new user interface.

Here are the highlights of the app.

Featured Tasks

You want to see the tasks that require your attention right away. That's what Featured screen does.

Our proprietary algorithm sifts through your tasks and picks the ones that are most relevant in your current situation.

We analyze your physical location, the time of the day, and a number of other factors to cut through the noise and show you just the right tasks.

Location-based Notifications

Have things to do at home? A shopping list for your favorite grocery store? Location-based notifications will alert when you are near the place and show you the tasks you can complete there.

Powerful and Versatile Search Capabilities

We have many things to do. Too many sometimes. You know you created a task for that pesky thing but where is it? ActionComplete's search and filter let you find that task in no time.


Did you know that ActionComplete GTD Toolkit 2 for iOS is totally and completely free?

Please give the app a try and let us know how it goes!

We'll be happy to receive your feedback at