ActionComplete Attendant Learns to Tell and Show Urgent and Important Tasks

We've been working hard to extend and improve ActionComplete Attentant - your virtual ActionComplete assistant. As a result, it learned to tell and show, if possible, the most urgent and the most important task. For the assistant to pick up the cue, you tell it one of the following phrases:

  1. Show|Tell me my most urgent task
  2. Show|Tell me my most important task

Here's how your interaction with Google Assistant will sound like:

Hey Google, talk to ActionComplete Attendant

Hello! What can I do for you?

Show me my most urgent task

[example] Take trash out

ActionComplete Attentant is designed to work together with AC Tasks 5 mobile apps.

AC Tasks 5 for Android is available on the Play Store.

The equivalent version of AC Tasks 5 for iOS is available via TestFlight.

Thank you, and happy tasking with ActionComplete!