ActionComplete Attendant - your virtual ActionComplete assistant - is generally available on Google Assistant devices

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of ActionComplete Attentant - a virtual ActionComplete assistant for devices compatible with Google Assistant.

ActionComplete Attentant lets you create tasks by simply talking to it. It is a convenient way to capture ideas before they escape your mind when you drive, walk, or just sit around and introspect.

It's easy as 1-2-3-4:

Hey Google, talk to ActionComplete Attendant

Hello! What can I do for you?

Create a task

What's the task name?

[You say what the task is]

You said, [repeats the task to the best of its understanding]. Is it correct?


Task saved

As you get used to working with ActionComplete Attendant - and have it to get used to you - try an even faster way to create tasks conversationally:

Hey Google, talk to ActionComplete Attendant to create a task

ActionComplete Attentant is designed to work together with AC Tasks 5 mobile apps released a few days ago.

The attendant makes tasks due today and labels them with assistant tag for easy identification.

AC Tasks 5 for Android is available on the Play Store.

The equivalent version of AC Tasks 5 for iOS is available via TestFlight.

Thank you, and happy tasking with ActionComplete!