AC for Android 7.4 Released, Adds French Translation, Adds Filters, Streamlines Preferences

ActionComplete 7.4 is released to Android market.

In this release:

  • French translation, courtesy of Aurélien Truco-Gallucci. Long-time ActionComplete users might rightfully feel deja vu. Indeed ActionComplete was available in French for quite a while before the translation got out of date and was removed. Aurélien started from scratch and was done in no time. Kudos to Monsieur Truco-Gallucci!
  • Show completed items and Show next action/wait only are now filters rather then preferences.
  • Start at boot preference was eliminated. Now ActionComplete always starts at boot. This is crucial for reminders to work as designed. It's important to note that only vital ActionComplete services are started at boot and not the whole application.