AC for Android 6.1 is All About Polish

ActionComplete 6.1 is released to the market.

In this release:

  • Translation into Polish, courtesy of Marek Skrobacki
  • More polish: automatically saving and restoring filters, pre-population of metadata off of the filters, <no tag> and <no place> filters
  • Bug fixes

Saving and Restoring Filters

Now ActionComplete remembers your filter settings - next time you start the application you pick up right at where you left off.

Pre-population of Metadata for New Tasks

More often than not you work in a context defined by your filters and find yourself in a situation where the new tasks you create have to have the same metadata (tags, people, and places) as the active filter. Now AC natively supports this scenario.

Filters to Find "Orphan" Tasks

It's highly recommended that most of the time you work within a context defined by the filters as such an approach ensures better task visibility and generally improves your ActionComplete experience.

Even when practicing this style at times you might find yourself in need to quickly capture something in a situation when every second matters. This is how you end up with "orphans" - tasks with no metadata.

The newly added <no tag> and <no place> filters allow you to easily identify unassigned items so that you can get back to the absolute balance in your task universe.