ActionComplete 6 for Android: The First Geo-social Task Organizer

ActionComplete 6 allows you to see on the map what people plan around you copy their tasks to your personal to-do list.

The vicinity view presents a map positioned around your current location that shows all the places where ActionComplete has or had a task planned by someone.

When you tap such a place you see a view of all the tasks planned at the place. The tasks are ordered by the number of people who planned them - the "hottest" tasks are at the top of the list.

Tapping the plus sign adds the task to your Actions list. What's cool is the place where the task is planned is automatically added to your Places list if it's not already there. Or updated with the coordinates if it doesn't have them.

If you happen to have the task with the same name already in your Actions list, a dialog box will popup telling you so. In this case you can tap the task row itself to open New Action form with Action Name and Places field pre-populated with the name of the action and the place respectively.

Sometimes you want to plan something that nobody else is currently planning at a place. To do just that there is Tap to plan something else here row.

If a location that had some ActionComplete activity currently does not have any tasks planned by anyone, you can be the first to start it all over. Tap to plan something here row is there for that purpose.

The task names and place names and coordinates are shared anonymously - the only information visible to other users is the number of people who planned a task at a particular place.

Sharing is mutual - to be able to see the vicinity map you have to share your tasks linked to places. The sharing setting can be changed at any time in the preferences.

If you want to make a place "private", reset its coordinates with Reset toolbar button on Place Details screen. Obviously you won't be able to leverage location-based reminders for private places.

With all these features ActionComplete creates an entirely new category of productivity applications - geo-social task managers.