ActionComplete 4.2: Focus on Next Actions


ActionComplete 4.2.0 is released and available for installation from Android Market. This release adds the ability to view just next actions/waits.

How does it work?

  1. Enable Show next actions/waits only preference (MENU/Prefs and Tools/Preferences/Show next actions/waits only/check)
  2. Apply a sort
  3. For every project you have only the first action/wait in the applied sort order will be displayed. If you sort by urgency only the most urgent action will be shown for each project. If you sort by importance, only the most important action will be shown. If you sort by name and use some sort of naming convention such as 01 - first action, 02 - second action, etc, only the 01 - first action will be shown.

It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.