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ActionComplete helps people around the world become purposeful, effective, and successful in career, relationships, and other aspects of life.

The hallmark of ActionComplete Tasks is its streamlined yet flexible task management approach that enables people of all walks of life to take a firm grip on their tasks, assignments, errands, and to-dos and put a stop to leaks through the cracks.

ActionComplete Tasks was inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. Over time ActionComplete adopted elements of other task management approaches, notably Stephen Covey's quadrants. Because of its inherent simplicity and flexibility, ActionComplete can be used to implement a wide range of task management techniques including your own.

On this site you will learn about various ActionComplete products. Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know what you think because you have a vote in shaping the future of ActionComplete!

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ActionComplete 1.8 Released to Android Market, Holiday Discounts for ActionComplete Products

Holiday greetings from ActionComplete!

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ActionComplete 1.8 for Android. This release delivers several highly requested features:

  • Due Date now drives the Reminder Date. To finish setting the reminder you need to specify the time. If you don't care for the reminder just tap the OK button and the task will be saved without one.
  • View Actions and View Waits project context menu options are there waiting for you. If a project has linked actions, View Actions item appears in the context menu accessible via the long tap on a project in the Projects list. Ditto for waits.
  • Task sorting options are now separate from the context (filters). Here's how it works now:
    • To change or reset the sort order for a task list, tap and hold the header of the list (Actions, Waits, Projects, of Ideas) until the sort dialog pops up, select the desired sort order, and tap OK.
    • To set or reset the context, use the context bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • This release introduces a homescreen shortcut for adding actions by voice. While voice task entry has been available for quite some time via both the main application and the widgets, many users requested a more compact user interface element for this crucial function. It's available now.

That's not all. Through January 3, 2012 ActionComplete for Android can be purchased from Android Market for $1.99. This is 60% off regular price.

There's even more. During the same period - through January 3, 2012 - you can purchase or renew your annual subscription to ActionComplete for Web for $14.99. If you are wondering, this is $5 off the regular price. To redeem the offer please use Google Checkout and apply coupon code holidays2011.

ActionComplete 1.7.0 Released to Android Market, $1.99 (60% off) for a Limited Time

New and noteworthy in this release:

  • The application is now called ActionComplete Task & To-Do.
  • Translations to Croatian, German, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish are updated courtesy of Nikola Radunović, Thomas Pauli, Thomas Kjemperud, Alexander Sidorenko, and Antonio Tabasco Cabezas, respectively.

For a limited time ActionComplete Task & To-Do is available for $1.99. That's 60% off regular price.

Happy Thanksgiving from ActionComplete! Please eat & drink responsibly and drive safely.

ActionComplete Introduces Real-time Synchronization and Integration with Google Places

October 2011 release of the GTD-based task manager improves the integration between ActionComplete for Web and ActionComplete for Android via real-time task synchronization. It also adds one more integration point with Google services - Google Places API is now used to support ActionComplete Vicinity view displaying tasks that can be completed in the proximity of the user's physical location.

Real-time sync nearly instantly reflects updates made in AC for Web on up to five Android devices running AC for Android. Updates made in AC for Android appear within a few seconds in up to five browsers running AC for Web.

Vicinity view in ActionComplete for Android is now based on Google Places API. The vicinity view shows tasks that can be accomplished at a location close to the user's whereabouts. From there the user can tap the location to get to its Google Places listing.

A user can leverage "private" places such as "Home" or "Work" by providing geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the corresponding location. Tapping it will bring up a Google Map centered on the location.

To access the new features of ActionComplete for Web please force-refresh (Ctrl-F5 or similar) ActionComplete page in your browser. To access the new features of ActionComplete for Android please get the latest version of the application from Android market.

ActionComplete for Web Adds Integration With Google Docs, Improves Integration With Google Calendar

ActionComplete for Web meets the fall with a major feature update - Google Docs attachments. Integration with Google Calendar is now more intuitive and user-friendly.

You can create Google Docs attachments in several ways: via Attachments tab on new/edit task form, via email, and by typing a long note.

Attachments tab allows you to link a task to up to five Google Docs files. The files can be documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and any other files created in or uploaded to Google Docs.

Another way to link a task to a Google Docs document is to email the task to your ActionComplete email address. If the body of the email is longer than 300 characters ActionComplete automatically creates an attachment and links it to the new task.

ActionComplete now allows long notes. If a note is more than 300 characters long it is automatically converted to a Google Docs document that is attached to the task being created or modified.

You can now choose your Google Calendar calendars to be displayed in ActionComplete via a user-friendly Options dialog. The selected calendars preserve their native colors for easy identification.

New Convert button allows for easy conversion of a task to a different type (Action/Wait/Project/Idea). The same effect can be achieved by dragging and dropping the task as needed.

Attachments can be created in AC for Web only. However you can view them on your phone if you update your AC for Android to version 1.5.0 currently available at Android Market.

To access the new features described above please force-refresh (Ctrl-F5 or similar) ActionComplete page in your browser.

ActionComplete Naming/Branding Changes and Update on Retirement of Free Products

The new release of ActionComplete product family introduces a number of changes exisitng users of ActionComplete might want to know about.

The free edition of ActionComplete for Web does no longer accept new users. Existing users can continue using the application through September 30, 2011, at which point it will be disabled.

We made the final decision regarding the free version of ActionComplete for Android. It'll be unpublished from the market on or around September 30, 2011. Existing users will be able to use the application indefinitely but the sync with ActionComplete for Web will not be guaranteed to work.

For new users ActionComplete Pro for Web now comes with 7-day access license. This should give a person enough time to evaluate the product and arrive to a purchasing decision.

From now on we are going to start using a simplified naming/branding: ActionComplete for Web and ActionComplete for Android. These names will refer to the paid versions of the applications. Once the free applications are phased out the new branding will be consistently implemented across all ActionComplete properties.

ActionComplete for Web Adds Recurring Tasks, Enhances Email Integration

ActionComplete for Web has just received a major feature update. Now the web application handles recurring tasks and sports full-fledged email integration.

A user can create a task that repeats every specified number of days, on particular days of the week, or on a chosen day of the month. The recurrence can be unlimited or have a specified end date. A popup or email reminder can be automatically setup for every new occurrence of the task.

Email integration comprises several nifty features: email reminders, Nag me (TM) reminders, sending tasks to ActionComplete via email, and checking off tasks by email.

Email reminders are sent out at the time specified by the user. An email reminder is a vehicle that can be used to check off the corresponding task. It's as simple as replying to the reminder, typing the word "done" in the body, and hitting Send button.

Nag me (TM) is a smart opt-in email reminder system that automatically notifies a user about the tasks that haven't been touched for 30 days or more. Nag me (TM) is yet one more effective way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

It's easy to send tasks to ActionComplete via email. Every user has a special ActionComplete email address that can be used to send in new tasks and check off existing tasks. The details of setting up and using email integration features are described in the user manual.

ActionComplete for Web is sold for $19.99/year. When a user first signs in to the application, he/she is issued a license that allows access to the full product for 7 days.

The full press release can be found here.

The video below showcases the new features of this release.

ActionComplete for Android 1.2.0 Adds Spanish, Resolves a Few Issues

ActionComplete for Android 1.2.0 and ActionComplete Pro for Android 1.2.0 are released to the market.

New and noteworthy in this release:

  • Spanish translation courtesy of Antonio Tabasco Cabezas.
  • Show next actions/waits only now displays all "loose" tasks (not assigned to a project).
  • Bug fixes: long tap on a person in a task details screen should work as designed on all the phones now, voice and sound notification methods are fixed.

Upcoming Changes in ActionComplete Product Family

Over the past 2 years ActionComplete family grew steadily to become four products that it is now: ActionComplete for Android, ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete Pro for Web, and ActionComplete Pro for Android.

All this time the swift and comprehensive support has been the hallmark of ActionComplete. The complex nature of ActionComplete products lead us to believe that the users of both free and premium products are equally eligible to technical support. However as the product family has been growing, the support and maitenance started chipping away too many precious cycles that could have been spent for advancing the products otherwise.

After careful consideration we decided to retire all free ActionComplete products on September 30, 2011. These include ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete for Android, and ActionComplete Retro for Android. ActionCompete for Web will be deactivated and ActionComplete for Android and ActionComplete Retro for Android will be removed from Android Market and other marketplaces on or soon after October 1, 2011.

The new strategy will allow ActionComplete LLC to focus the efforts on its existing premium offers - ActionComplete Pro for Web and ActionComplete Pro for Android - as well as to speed up the development of new premium products.

If you use one of the products that are being retired you should consider either migrating to the corresponding premium product (ActionComplete Pro for Web and/or ActionComplete Pro for Android) or moving on to another task manager.

At this time the support and maintenance policy of all ActionComplete products stays unchanged. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

ActionComplete for Web and ActionComplete Pro for Web are Available in Spanish

A minor update of ActionComplete web applications brings user interface in Spanish, translation courtesy of Antonio Tabasco Cabezas.

To change user interface language select Tools/Options... menu option and choose the desired language in the Language drop-down box.

Accessing the most recent version of ActionComplete (Pro) for Web is as easy as refreshing your browser window.

Minor Release of ActionComplete Brings More Task Viewing Options, Adds More Languages

ActionComplete LLC announces a minor release of ActionComplete product family.Show Tasks Without Due Date

In this release:AC for Web: Show Tasks Without Due Date

  • Show Tasks Without Due Date option for better management of urgency-based tasks. Those familiar with GTD tickler file concept will welcome the new ActionComplete dynamic duo: Show Tasks Without Due Date option and the filter on due date. The tandem shoots at the same goal as the tickler file - to remove non-actionable tasks from view until they become actionable. Due date filter cuts off the future tasks while Show Tasks Without Due Date option retains the tasks with no due date that are usually treated as ASAP tasks. Show Tasks Without Due Date option is available via View menu in ActionComplete for Web and via the filter screen in ActionComplete for Android.
  • More translations. ActionComplete for Web is now available in 7 languages: English, German (Thomas Pauli), Norwegian (Thomas Kjemperud), Swedish (Patrik Larsson), Russian (Alexander Sidorenko), Croatian (Nikola Radunović), and French (Aurélien Truco-Gallucci). ActionComplete for Android is now available in 5 languages: English, German (Thomas Pauli), Norwegian (Thomas Kjemperud), Russian (Alexander Sidorenko), and Croatian (Nikola Radunović).
  • Bug fixes.

To access the new release on the web just refresh ActionComplete page in your browser.

To access the new release on your phone install or update ActionComplete or ActionComplete Pro from Android Market. Before updating ActionComplete on your phone you might want to backup your tasks by syncing them to the cloud and/or by exporting them to your phone SD card (ActionComplete Pro only).

How to Transition to ActionComplete 2

ActionComplete family now consists of four different products: ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete Pro for Web, ActionComplete for Android, and ActionComplete Pro for Android. The fifth member of the family - the venerable "old" ActionComplete for Android, which is now called ActionComplete Retro - is scheduled for retirement and is no longer supported.

If you started using ActionComplete before the big bang and did not care to follow the news at ActionComplete Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google group, the realization that ActionComplete on your phone no longer syncs with ActionComplete on the web came to you suddenly and unexpectedly.

The directions below will get you back on track.

The change on the web is transparent. If something doesn't appear to work as it should you might want to clear your browser cache and force-refresh ActionComplete page (Ctrl-F5 in Firefox).

To transition to new ActionComplete on your Android phone you need to perform a few steps*:

  1. If you have all your data synchronized with the web or the unsynchronized data is not valuable, proceed to step 2. Otherwise migrate your unsynchronized data:
    • Download a special release of ActionComplete, copy it to your phone, and install it on top of the old ActionComplete using appInstaller. Do not uninstall the old ActionComplete or you'll lose your data.
    • Export your tasks via MENU/More/Export option.
    • Import the exported tasks via File/Import menu option into AC for Web or AC Pro for Web.
  2. Uninstall all ActionComplete versions from your phone:
    • Tap Settings/Applications/"Manage applications".
    • Tap All tab.
    • Tap every ActionComplete (Pro) you have there in turn, then tap Uninstall on the screen that appears.
    • Back out all the way to home screen, tap the app drawer and make sure no ActionComplete applications are found among your applications.
  3. Reboot your phone by turning it off and then on.
  4. Install the new ActionComplete or ActionComplete Pro from Android Market.
  5. Start ActionComplete, go to Preferences, select Sync With as needed, and back out all the way to home screen.
  6. Restart ActionComplete. You should see Checking license... followed by Initializing communication link with... messages. After that you should see the dashboard.
  7. Initiate the sync. If the sync succeeds you are done.
  8. If the sync fails, reboot your phone by turning it off and then on.
  9. Initiate the sync up to three times.
  10. If after the third attempt you still get Sync failed popup dialog, install Log Collector from Android Market and email the log after the failed sync to ActionComplete support (support at actioncomplete dot com).

You are ready to sail the seas. Don't hesitate to contact ActionComplete support should you feel any turbulence while in your journey.

* New ActionComplete and ActionComplete Pro both require Android 2.2. If your phone runs a prior version of Android your options are:

  1. Check if an Android update is available for your phone and apply it if it is.
  2. If you plan to upgrade your phone reasonably soon you can gap the bridge by running the special release of ActionCompete described above at your own risk. It syncs with the web retro-style. You can continue using the old token/secret or request a new one. You can't generate the credentials on the web anymore.
  3. If neither option above works for you, you can export your tasks from ActionComplete and move on to another task manager. If you are a user of AC Pro for Web you can request a refund of your purchase.

ActionComplete 2 Released, Brings GTD-based Task Management on Android and Web to a New High

ActionComplete family of productivity applications based on David Allen's GTD methodology just grew larger with the addition of ActionComplete Pro for Android - a commercial version of the popular ActionComplete application for Android phones.

At the same time the free version of ActionComplete for Android has been overhauled and both commercial and free web versions of ActionComplete have received major updates.

At the core of ActionComplete is management of four types of tasks: Actions (next actions in GTD parlance), Waits (Waiting for), Projects, and Ideas (Someday/Maybe).

The tasks can be assigned three types of metadata: tags, people, and places. Together the metadata form a context that can be easily filtered upon.

People are Google Contacts and the contact record linked to a task can be readily accessed right from ActionComplete applications for Android phones.

Places in ActionComplete allow to attach location context to the tasks. Vicinity view available in ActionComplete applications for Android shows the tasks that can be done nearby and suggests geographical features with names similar to ActionComplete place names. E.g. if there are tasks linked to places "WalMart" and "Starbucks" the Vicinity view will show all nearby WalMarts and Starbucks. From there one can view the Google map of a particular location and use a wide array of functions provided by Google Maps such as GPS-based navigation and user reviews.

ActionComplete web apps are rich Internet applications. They provide sophisticated user interface characteristic of desktop applications while being available via a browser from any Internet-connected computer, notebook, netbook, or tablet.

ActionComplete 2 web applications sport a menu-based user interface and add a number of new features such as export/import to/from comma-separated values (CSV) files and export to printer-friendly HTML format that can be used for printing and reports.

The free version of ActionComplete for Web supports the core functionality of ActionComplete. The commercial version of ActionComplete for Web, known as ActionComplete Pro for Web, adds a few essential elements. It's ad-free and all-HTTPS for better web traffic security. The commercial version has the integrated view of Google Calendar for better visibility of the "hard landscape", which is a GTD term for tasks that should be done at a particular day or time of the day. Also specific to the paid version are 2-column dashboard layout and export to printer-friendly HTML. ActionComplete Pro for Web runs $19.99/year.

ActionComplete applications for Android provide ActionComplete functionality on the go. They leverage a number of smartphone hardware features, such as location awareness and voice input, to enrich the users experience and provide unique application features.

The Vicinity view described above is available in both free and paid versions of ActionComplete for Android.

In addition to that ActionComplete Pro for Android supports voice entry for tasks. ActionComplete not only allows one to say the task name. It also understands places, due dates, and reminder times. E.g. saying "paper towels at walmart or target" will produce a task "paper towels" and link it to places "walmart" and "target" creating them as needed. One can also say something like "call john on March 5 at 1430". That will create a task "call john", assign it due date of March 5, and create a reminder on March 5 at 2:30PM.

ActionComplete Pro for Android comes with a configurable widget that can be setup to show Actions, Waits, Projects, or Ideas. The widget allows the same operations as the main application right from the phone home screen.

ActionComplete Pro is ad-free and costs $4.99. It's available at Android Market.

ActionComplete for Android is available at Android Market at no charge.

Both ActionComplete Android applications can seamlessly synchronize with both ActionComplete web applications so a user can choose a combination of free and/or paid application on their phone and the web that works best for him or her.

About ActionComplete LLC
ActionComplete LLC develops and markets ActionComplete suite of GTD-based productivity applications for Android smartphones and the web. ActionComplete LLC is based in Centreville, VA.

AC for Web Pro 2, Installment 2: Export to Printer-friendly HTML, Summary and Detail Reports

This installment delivers support for printing.

The feature is implemented as export to a printer-friendly HTML page. You can generate either Summary or Detail report. A summary report lists the names of the tasks only. A detail report lists all the data for every task in scope, which means it can get quite lengthy.

As with CSV export you can choose to export either all tasks or just the tasks visible on the dashboard as well as specify whether to report on all types of tasks or on a specific one.

The tasks are sorted according to the currently active sort order, which you can select per task type in the dashboard.

Force-refreshing (Ctrl-F5 or similar) your browser window should be enough to get the printing feature handy.

AC for Web Pro 2, Installment 1: Redesigned User Interface, Import/Export, Support for Unlimited Internationalization

The recenlty deployed version of AC for Web Pro marks the fist milestone of what will be known as AC for Web Pro 2.

New and noteworthy in this version:

  • Redesigned user interface. True to its vision, AC for Web Pro became more like your regular desktop application. The newly introduced menu bar is the central access point for features and functions that used to be scattered around the header, footer, and various pages and sections. You should find the new interface very intuitive and a new video walkthrough will be available soon.
  • Export and import functions allow you to backup and restore your data, switch to a different Google account, or move in and out of ActionComplete. You can export either all or just visible tasks (scope: All or Visible) and choose the type of tasks to export (type: All, Actions, Waits, Projects, Pending). Currently the only export format is CSV (comma-separated values). You can open the CSV file exported out of AC for Web Pro with Microsoft Excel, upload it to Google Spreadsheets, or use a text editor of your choice to view and edit the file. AC for Web user manual will be updated with the details of the exported file format shortly.
  • A custom internationalization framework was built from ground up to bypass the limitations of underlying technologies and frameworks. Now AC for Web Pro can be translated into as many languages as desired. If you are interested in participating in ActionComplete internationalization please email the support.

To get all the goodness described above - if you are an AC for Web Pro user that is - the only thing you need to do is to refresh your browser window.

Here's a teaser. More screenshots are available at ActionComplete Facebook page.

AC for Web Pro 2 Dashboard

AC for Android 7.5: Fine-tune Task Weights with a Text Box

ActionComplete 7.5 is released to Android market.

In this release:

  • A text box has been added alongside the slider to fine-tune a task weight. The changes to the text box are reflected in the slider when the focus shifts away from the text box. It's however the content of the text box that matters when you save a task - you don't have to have the slider control up to date before you tap the save button.
  • Confirm exit preference, disabled by default, allows you to get a confirmation dialog on exit. You might want to enable this preference to prevent accidental exits from the application.