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ActionComplete helps people around the world become purposeful, effective, and successful in career, relationships, and other aspects of life.

The hallmark of ActionComplete Tasks is its streamlined yet flexible task management approach that enables people of all walks of life to take a firm grip on their tasks, assignments, errands, and to-dos and put a stop to leaks through the cracks.

ActionComplete Tasks was inspired by David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. Over time ActionComplete adopted elements of other task management approaches, notably Stephen Covey's quadrants. Because of its inherent simplicity and flexibility, ActionComplete can be used to implement a wide range of task management techniques including your own.

On this site you will learn about various ActionComplete products. Your feedback is very important to us. Please let us know what you think because you have a vote in shaping the future of ActionComplete!

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ActionComplete 4 Opens New Horizons for Innovation by Moving to Android 1.6 Platform

ActionComplete 4.0.0 is released and available for installation from Android Market. This release is the first version of AC leveraging Android 1.6 platform. New in AC 4:

  • Search your ActionComplete items from Quick Search Box To let QSB know about AC go to Settings/Search/Searchable items and check ActionComplete
  • Home screen shortcuts for new action, new wait, new project, and new pending project To create a shortcut long-tap the home screen and select Shortcuts from the context menu
  • Due Today live folder True to its name, this folder shows AC items due today. To create a live folder long-tap the home screen and select Folders from the context menu
  • Visual indication of an active filter with a different toolbar color
  • Quick project filter Long-tap a project on the Projects tab and select Apply Filter on This Project option from the context menu
  • Bug fixes

It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.

ActionComplete 3.3 Brings Compatibility with Samsung Android Phones

ActionComplete 3.3.0 is released and available for installation from Android Market. The focus of release 3.3 is availability on a wider range of Android phones and broader support for international users. To accommodate requests of AC users who is still on Android 1.5 this release remains compatible with Android 1.5 OS. This is the last release of ActionComplete for Android 1.5. The next release will require Android 1.6 or higher. New in AC 3.3:

  • Compatibility with Samsung Android phones
  • French localization courtesy of Kac Saik
  • Czech localization courtesy of Jan Vince
  • Item importance can now be changed in view mode
  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements all over the application, Places area has been significantly improved

It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.

ActionComplete 3.2: The Galore of Color

ActionComplete 3.2.0 is released and available for installation from Android Market. Release 3.2 adds color to your favorite GTD system! New in AC 3.2:

  • Beautiful new color theme
  • Priority strip to visually identify more important things
  • Search as you type - get search results as soon as you type the second letter in the search box
  • Localization bug fixes - now international users can fully leverage the power of ActionComplete

It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.

ActionComplete 3.1 and AC Inbox 1.1: Another Step Towards Higher Productivity

ActionComplete 3.1.0 and AC Inbox 1.1.0 are released and available for installation from Android Market. The applications are released in tandem to ensure seamless two-way integration. New in AC 3.1:

  • Due dates - any item can be assigned a due date
  • A number of options to filter on due dates - including Due today, Due within 3 days, Due within 1 week, Due within 2 weeks, and Due within 30 days
  • Urgency-related sorts are now based on due dates rather than reminders
  • Landscape mode usability improvements and optimizations - no application title bar, shorter tabs, toolbar on either left or right side of the screen (configurable)
  • Integration with AC Inbox 1.1
  • Visual feedback on tapping a list item
  • Add Action/Wait now inherits project importance setting
  • Default weight is now configurable and goes off of 50
  • Tapping a person on a details screen brings up Person Details screen - use long tap to view person details
  • Actions/Waits section of Project Details screen now shows item counts and is consistent with Tag/Place Details screens
  • Time is now displayed in the format selected on the phone via Settings/Date and Time - European users can enjoy 24-hour clock format
  • Map mode is now configurable via a preference Both "map" and "satellite" modes are supported
  • Bug fixes

New in AC Inbox 1.1:

  • Titles take place of notes
  • Text notes have an additional "notes" field to store the body of the note
  • "Title" is imported as "name" into AC - for text notes, "notes" field is imported into AC as "notes"

Upgrade notes:

  • It's recommended that you manually backup ActionComplete database right before and immediately after upgrading ActionComplete.
  • Although various compatibility scenarios were extensively tested, it's recommended that you process your AC Inbox notes before upgrading AC Inbox.
  • To achieve the best experience, you are strongly recommended to upgrade both ActionComplete and AC Inbox at the same time.
  • There is no strong dependency between ActionComplete and AC Inbox, and the applications can be upgraded in any order.

ActionComplete and AC Inbox: Dynamic Duo of Productivity

ActionComplete 3.0.0 and AC Inbox 1.0.0 are released and available for install from Android Market. The applications are released in tandem to ensure seamless two-way integration. AC Inbox models the concept of GTD in-basket and is a companion of ActionComplete. AC Inbox allows you to take text, voice, picture, and video notes, categorize them with tags, apply filters to view just the relevant stuff, and protect the notes from accidental deletion. The notes can be sent to ActionComplete for further processing. New in AC 3:

  • Integration with AC Inbox Items imported from AC Inbox contain back links to the original content and can be viewed in AC Inbox
  • Long tap on filter button resets the filter
  • Bug fixes

It's recommended that you manually backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 2.0 is available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese

Starting today Chinese users can download and install a localized version of ActionComplete on their Android-based phones, courtesy of NetDragon Websoft Inc (site in English). Translation to simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese is a courtesy of

The application available from Android Market is localized too. Those of you who are able to to change the phone's locale should be able to enjoy the localized version!

ActionComplete 2.0 Gets Reviewed at AndroidTapp

Antonio Wells of AndroidTapp says:

ActionComplete Android App extends the typical to-do task manager to fit the life hack of Getting Things Done method on Android phones. The app allows you to create Projects, which are the larger goals comprised of individual Actions, Waits and Pending items that may come with completing a project. You can set Tags, People, Notes, Android notification reminders and geo-locations known as Places on Google Maps.

Read more and look at AC 2.0 screenshots

ActionComplete 2.0 Gets Attention at Androinica

Andrew Kameka of Androinica posted an article about ActionComplete 2.0.

Here's an excerpt:

ActionComplete is a productivity app geared towards users who need more than a simple to-do list. As we mentioned in our written and video review of ActionComplete months ago, the app allows users to group their tasks or projects into manageable actions. It allows for waits, actions that need to be taken by others, and pending, long-term projects that are still in the conceptual stage.

Enjoyed the reading? Here's more

ActionComplete 2.0.0 Released

New in this release:

  • Support for importance for all item types (actions, waits, projects, and pending)
  • Ability to filter on project for actions and waits
  • Conversion from actions to waits and vise versa
  • Voice notification is a new and default notification option. Can be changed to pre-2.0 buzz in preferences
  • Launch at boot option allows to start ActionComplete user interface on phone startup
  • Configurable number of items to display in lists For faster operation set this preference to 10, 25, or 50. Set to All for a review. Default is All
  • Improved preferences screen For multi-choice preferences tap the preference repeatedly to select a desired value
  • Usability enhancements in various places
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

It's recommended that you manually backup right before and immediately after the upgrade. This release requires Android 1.5 and lays the foundation for more exciting stuff.

ActionComplete 1.6.0 Released

New in this release:

  • Show completed items preference (on by default) allows to view both active and completed items. Turn it off if you are interested in active items only
  • Performance optimizations reduce battery consumption by the application
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

It's recommended that you manually backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.5.0 Released

New in this release:

  • Automatic backup saves your work every 5 minutes. Don't forget to periodically copy the backup to your computer. The backup does not happen if your phone is connected to the computer and SD card is mounted
  • Option to choose autocomplete or combo boxes in filters
  • Improved filter screens for better usability under Cupcake

It's still recommended that you manually backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.4.0 Released

New in this release:

  • Location-based notifications to let you know there are things to do at a particular place when you are near it
  • Redesigned toolbar for better visual response
  • Places accessible directly from the toolbar and other minor usability improvements

It's recommended that you backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.3.0 Released

New in this release:

  • Search look up items (actions, waits, projects, pending projects) by entering a few letters of text contained either in item name or notes
  • Item details screens redesigned for better usability, minimal tap count, and cleaner look
  • Direct navigation to contacts by tapping a person in People list

It's recommended that you backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.2.2 Released

New in this release:

  • Full Cupcake compatibility
  • Tap to edit (tap to view if unchecked) preference to choose what happens when you tap an item

It's recommended that you backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.2.1 Released

In this release:

  • Smaller font for list items (actions, waits, projects, pending projects, tags, and places).
  • First letter capitalization in names and notes for all items except tags. For tags only first letter of notes is capitalized. The tag name preserves user-specified case.

It's recommended that you backup right before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete 1.2.0 Released

Features and improvements in this release:

  • Quick access bar Menu options are now accessible via iPhone-like on-screen menus. This feature is controlled by "Show toolbars" preference, enabled by default, and can be disabled if needed.
  • Active links Web addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers are automatically converted to clickable links.
  • Autocomplete in filters in landscape orientation When a filter dialog is accessed in landscape orientation the filter value selection is assisted by autocomplete - a handy feature when dealing with very long contact lists.
  • Configurable default item sort option Items (actions, waits, projects, and pending projects) now can be sorted by either urgency or name by default. The corresponding preference is "Default sort by urgency (by name if unchecked)".

ActionComplete is a GTD-inspired task manager and todo/shopping/grocery list organizer built with meticulous attention to detail. Your opinion counts. Please share your thoughts at ActionComplete Google group or Facebook AC page. Or just drop a line to support.

AC for Android Passes 1000 Downloads Mark

ActionComplete for Android just passed 1000 downloads mark! It took 10 days since the application was made free to reach the milestone.

AC for Android is GTD-inspired task manager/todo list organizer.

Release 1.2 is coming soon with exciting new features. There is even more in the pipeline. For news and announcements subscribe to the site RSS feed or follow ActionComplete on Twitter.

Your feedback is important. Don't hesitate to drop a word at ActionComplete Google group, AC Facebook page, or just shoot an email to support.

Thank you for your continuous support and enjoy getting things done in style!

ActionComplete Google Group is Available and Waiting for Your Input

Please share your ActionComplete experience, improvement ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and feature requests in ActionComplete Google group.

Facebook enthusiasts are welcome to drop a word at Facebook AC page.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and is very important for planning further directions of ActionComplete product family. Don't hesitate to shoot an email to support at actioncomplete dot com, DM ActionComplete in Twitter, or chat with me directly via the Meebo chat widget available on the Contact page.

ActionComplete for Android is FREE!

Get things done in style and pay exactly $0.00.

ActionComplete is a GTD-inspired task manager/todo list organizer for Android-based mobile phones.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

AC 1.1.1 Patch Release is Out

This release resolves minor issues with reminders as well as fixes application crash when location awareness is enabled in the application but no location providers are enabled on the phone.

It's safe to apply the upgrade on top of the existing installation, i.e. you do not have to uninstall the application first.

I recommend you to upgrade to release 1.1.1 from any previous version of ActionComplete you might have on your phone.

As usual, please perform a backup just before and immediately after the upgrade - just in case.

ActionComplete 1.1.0 Released, Features Reminders

ActionComplete 1.1.0 is out. The focus of this release is reminders and related functionality.

Now you can set a reminder for any ActionComplete item (action, wait, project, or pending project). The reminder can be set either from a details screen or from a new/edit form.

The main list view now shows an alarm clock icon near every item that has a reminder set on it. If you tap the alarm clock icon, the reminder date and time is displayed in the lower part of the screen for a short time.

Most urgent first and Least urgent first sort options are added to all the lists, Most urgent first being made the default sort option. These sort options are based on reminder dates and times.

When a reminder time is approached, a "You've got things to do" message appears in the notification bar of the phone for a short time and the phone emits three short buzzes. You can swipe the notification bar open and tap on the AC notification item to get to ActionComplete reminder management screen.

The reminder management screen accessible from the notification area allows you to "snooze" (reschedule) past reminders or "dismiss" (delete) them by choosing "Don't remind again" option. Tapping an item name in the reminder management screen displays the details of the item.

The upgrade preserves all the user data and should be considered safe. For further protection please backup all your data just before and immediately after the upgrade.

ActionComplete for Android 1.0.0 Released

ActionComplete application for Android-based mobile phones is available on Android Market. To install the application:

  1. Start Market application on your T-Mobile G1 or another Android-powered phone.
  2. Either browse Applications/Productivity category or search for ActionComplete.
  3. Review End User License Agreement.
  4. Tap Install button.

Although the application was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, we don't bet on it. There are a number of resources available to help you out should you have a question or to make your ActionComplete experience even better.

User manual contains comprehensive documentation that is accessible both from your computer web browser and from Help menu options on the application screens.

Forums can be used to ask questions, discuss your experience, and socialize with like-minded folks.

Support "from the source" is just an email away. Drop a line to and we'll address your concern as soon as possible.

We am sure you will enjoy ActionComplete application for Android-powered mobile phones.

We will be delighted to hear your success stories! After you convinced yourself in the convenience and power of the application, you are welcome to spread the word and share your experience with your friends!

We wish you to get things done faster and merrier than ever!