How to Transition to ActionComplete 2

ActionComplete family now consists of four different products: ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete Pro for Web, ActionComplete for Android, and ActionComplete Pro for Android. The fifth member of the family - the venerable "old" ActionComplete for Android, which is now called ActionComplete Retro - is scheduled for retirement and is no longer supported.

If you started using ActionComplete before the big bang and did not care to follow the news at ActionComplete Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google group, the realization that ActionComplete on your phone no longer syncs with ActionComplete on the web came to you suddenly and unexpectedly.

The directions below will get you back on track.

The change on the web is transparent. If something doesn't appear to work as it should you might want to clear your browser cache and force-refresh ActionComplete page (Ctrl-F5 in Firefox).

To transition to new ActionComplete on your Android phone you need to perform a few steps*:

  1. If you have all your data synchronized with the web or the unsynchronized data is not valuable, proceed to step 2. Otherwise migrate your unsynchronized data:
    • Download a special release of ActionComplete, copy it to your phone, and install it on top of the old ActionComplete using appInstaller. Do not uninstall the old ActionComplete or you'll lose your data.
    • Export your tasks via MENU/More/Export option.
    • Import the exported tasks via File/Import menu option into AC for Web or AC Pro for Web.
  2. Uninstall all ActionComplete versions from your phone:
    • Tap Settings/Applications/"Manage applications".
    • Tap All tab.
    • Tap every ActionComplete (Pro) you have there in turn, then tap Uninstall on the screen that appears.
    • Back out all the way to home screen, tap the app drawer and make sure no ActionComplete applications are found among your applications.
  3. Reboot your phone by turning it off and then on.
  4. Install the new ActionComplete or ActionComplete Pro from Android Market.
  5. Start ActionComplete, go to Preferences, select Sync With as needed, and back out all the way to home screen.
  6. Restart ActionComplete. You should see Checking license... followed by Initializing communication link with... messages. After that you should see the dashboard.
  7. Initiate the sync. If the sync succeeds you are done.
  8. If the sync fails, reboot your phone by turning it off and then on.
  9. Initiate the sync up to three times.
  10. If after the third attempt you still get Sync failed popup dialog, install Log Collector from Android Market and email the log after the failed sync to ActionComplete support (support at actioncomplete dot com).

You are ready to sail the seas. Don't hesitate to contact ActionComplete support should you feel any turbulence while in your journey.

* New ActionComplete and ActionComplete Pro both require Android 2.2. If your phone runs a prior version of Android your options are:

  1. Check if an Android update is available for your phone and apply it if it is.
  2. If you plan to upgrade your phone reasonably soon you can gap the bridge by running the special release of ActionCompete described above at your own risk. It syncs with the web retro-style. You can continue using the old token/secret or request a new one. You can't generate the credentials on the web anymore.
  3. If neither option above works for you, you can export your tasks from ActionComplete and move on to another task manager. If you are a user of AC Pro for Web you can request a refund of your purchase.