Upcoming Changes in ActionComplete Product Family

Over the past 2 years ActionComplete family grew steadily to become four products that it is now: ActionComplete for Android, ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete Pro for Web, and ActionComplete Pro for Android.

All this time the swift and comprehensive support has been the hallmark of ActionComplete. The complex nature of ActionComplete products lead us to believe that the users of both free and premium products are equally eligible to technical support. However as the product family has been growing, the support and maitenance started chipping away too many precious cycles that could have been spent for advancing the products otherwise.

After careful consideration we decided to retire all free ActionComplete products on September 30, 2011. These include ActionComplete for Web, ActionComplete for Android, and ActionComplete Retro for Android. ActionCompete for Web will be deactivated and ActionComplete for Android and ActionComplete Retro for Android will be removed from Android Market and other marketplaces on or soon after October 1, 2011.

The new strategy will allow ActionComplete LLC to focus the efforts on its existing premium offers - ActionComplete Pro for Web and ActionComplete Pro for Android - as well as to speed up the development of new premium products.

If you use one of the products that are being retired you should consider either migrating to the corresponding premium product (ActionComplete Pro for Web and/or ActionComplete Pro for Android) or moving on to another task manager.

At this time the support and maintenance policy of all ActionComplete products stays unchanged. Please stay tuned for further announcements.