ActionComplete Social Race: The Winner Gets 2 Years of Access to AC for Web for FREE!

It's time to decide what social network is the best - and give a friend of yours a chance to win up to 2 (two) years of FREE access to ActionComplete for Web.

The Skinny

At the time of this writing ActionComplete is liked by 374 on Facebook and is circled by 80 (or 79 depending on where you look) on Google+. The distance to 400 (Facebook) and 100 (Google+) is roughly the same. The race is about having ActionComplete likes and circlings (is it a word?) meet and exceed these numbers - with the help of you and your friends.

The Rules

You tell your friends about ActionComplete Facebook page and/or Google+ page. Your friends like or circle ActionComplete. The counters of likings and circlings (or do we call them likes and circles?) rise. And eventually hit 400 on Facebook and 100 on Google+.

If our Facebook likes counter hits 400 before Google+ whatever-it's-called counter hits 100, Facebook is declared the best social network and Google+ is declared the second best. If the 100th person circles ActionComplete on Google+ before 400th person likes it on Facebook, Google+ is declared the best social network and Facebook... You get it.

Now the important part.

If the best social network happens to be Facebook, our 400th liker is declared the winner of the contest. The 100th circler on Google+ is the runner-up.

If the race ends up with the victory of Google+, the 100th person who circled ActionComplete on Google+ is the winner while the 400th person who liked ActionComplete on Facebook is the runner-up.

The Prizes

The winner gets two years of free access to ActionComplete for Web ($39.98 value). The runner-up gets one year of free access to ActionComplete for Web ($19.99 value).

Ready. Set. Go!