ActionComplete 3.8 for Android Puts Stress on Tagging

Tags are your friends. They let you see your tasks in meaningful ways. They are a tremendous help during planning and review. They are the skeleton of your task system.

That's why ActionComplete 3.8 for Android introduces another tool to help you enforce the discipline of tagging - a Warn if no Metadata setting.

The setting, which is off by default, allows you to have ActionComplete check if there are tags, or places, linked to the task you are about to save. If not, you'll be warned right away. If you feel strongly about it, you can ignore the warning and save the task tag-less anyway.

If tagging is not your thing (and we hope it is!), you can keep the setting at its default No value and ActionComplete will stay out of your way.

Install or update your ActionComplete for Android at Google Play.

Happy tagging!