ActionComplete 3.4 for Web Loads Faster, Presents Task Details Instantly

It's a rainy bird-singing Tuesday morning here in Washington, DC and we are happy to announce the release of ActionComplete 3.4 for Web.

This release delivers two important performance optimizations.

For large task lists AC for Web loads faster. Initially the first 10 tasks of each type are displayed. If you need to see them all you can click the newly introduced Show All button.

Now task details panels show the content instantly. The brief "Working..." message that you used to see after expanding a task panel is a history. All the information is just there as soon as the panel is expanded. If you wonder what we are talking about, there's a small button with a plus (+) sign in each and every task panel. If you click it, the panel expands and you see all the task details including the weight, the due date, tags, people, places, etc. Instantly.

To access ActionComplete 3.4 for Web please navigate to or refresh the page if you are already there. Initially there will be a one-time delay while new data structures necessary to support the performance optimization are created. If you have errors upon the refresh/load, please clear the browser cache to make sure the browser loads the most recent content.

For more information on ActionComplete for Web please visit