ActionComplete for Web Adds Recurring Tasks, Enhances Email Integration

ActionComplete for Web has just received a major feature update. Now the web application handles recurring tasks and sports full-fledged email integration.

A user can create a task that repeats every specified number of days, on particular days of the week, or on a chosen day of the month. The recurrence can be unlimited or have a specified end date. A popup or email reminder can be automatically setup for every new occurrence of the task.

Email integration comprises several nifty features: email reminders, Nag me (TM) reminders, sending tasks to ActionComplete via email, and checking off tasks by email.

Email reminders are sent out at the time specified by the user. An email reminder is a vehicle that can be used to check off the corresponding task. It's as simple as replying to the reminder, typing the word "done" in the body, and hitting Send button.

Nag me (TM) is a smart opt-in email reminder system that automatically notifies a user about the tasks that haven't been touched for 30 days or more. Nag me (TM) is yet one more effective way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

It's easy to send tasks to ActionComplete via email. Every user has a special ActionComplete email address that can be used to send in new tasks and check off existing tasks. The details of setting up and using email integration features are described in the user manual.

ActionComplete for Web is sold for $19.99/year. When a user first signs in to the application, he/she is issued a license that allows access to the full product for 7 days.

The full press release can be found here.

The video below showcases the new features of this release.