Recurring and Mailed-in Tasks in AC for Web: Please Set Your Time Zone

The way ActionComplete for Web calculates due dates for recurring tasks and the tasks created via email interface has just changed.

AC for Web used to rely on a heuristics approach to derive due dates for recurring tasks. While taking the burden off the user, this approach proved to be unreliable in certain situations.

We redesigned the way due dates are calculated for recurring and mailed-in tasks so that they are generated in a predictable and reliable manner. To make it happen we introduced two additional options - Time Zone and Enable DST - that allow you to specify what time zone you currently are in and whether the daylight saving time is in effect. With the new design the correctness of the due dates for recurring and mailed-in tasks depends on your setting these two options properly.

If you use recurring tasks or email interface, please take a moment to set your time zone and DST option under Tools/Options...

Happy Holidays from ActionComplete!