ActionComplete 3.9 for Android Adds Next Actions

Do you run many projects at the same time?

Were you ever taken aback by the myriad of tasks jumping at you off the screen?

Have you ever wished of being able to just cut through the clutter and see what you really need to focus on?

ActionComplete to the rescue! Show Next Actions Only filter setting introduced in ActionComplete 3.9 for Android will make your task management life less stressful and more productive.

The setting, which can be found at the bottom of the Filters screen and is off by default, works together with the task sorting feature. When checked, it tells ActionComplete to show just the first action for every project according to the current sort order.

To get the full benefit of the new feature, you need to decide on a task sequencing strategy within projects.

You could choose to sequence your project tasks by starting their names with a cardinal number, for instance, "01 Start here" and sort your tasks by name. Alternatively you could assign your project tasks due dates and sort by urgency. Yet another viable strategy that works great for small projects is sequencing your project tasks by importance.

Please install or update your ActionComplete for Android at Google Play.